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PELION, the mountain mentioned in Greek mythology as the "summer resort" of the Olympian Gods and the "magical land of the Centaurs", stands tall, green and proud at Magnesia prefecture of Greece.

In the magical scenery of the Pelion landscape, History and Legend blend together in this wild, yet calm, marriage of yesterday and today.This is where "Athena studios and apartments" are situated, right on the promenade of Milina coastal village.Our studios and apartments, all gazing at the magnificent Pagasetic Gulf sunset, offer all modern amenities for a pleasant stay.Traditional stone built houses, crystal clear beaches, and an abundance of shops and taverns right at your feet, compose the ideal starting point of your South Pelion exploration.Βy using our village as the epicenter of your exploration, you can reach and enjoy both sides of Mount Pelion, this marvel of nature, where the uniqueness of the Greek landscape is best displayed.This is where the rustling of the tree leaves, becomes one with the sea aura, and sends our fantasy back to the times of the Centaurs, in all their glory with their love affairs and quarrels, whispering in our ears tunes of Ancient Greece.

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The "Athena guesthouse" is located in the seaside resort of Milina. We have excellent rooms for a comfortable and pleasant stay during your visit to Pelion 


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